Hila J. Esters

Hila J. Esters is an author, speaker, and coach who empowers men and women to awaken their unique God-given potential. She shares a straightforward transformational process, The 5 Step Miraculous Realm System, which enables you to cut the strings of the status-quo and step into unlimited possibilities.

Empowered and positioned to use endless possibilities, you now have opportunities to create progressive changes in your life.

Freedom is the real option. Moving with the crowd will only take you where the crowd is going.

Discover the momentum in your moment. Use it to break free, discover, and change your life!

She experiences continual manifestations of God's power through her Healing Ministry while teaching and demonstrating the Word of God. Her spiritual revelations and prophetic insights continue to bless many. Hila has been used all of her life by the Holy Spirit to ‘freely receive and freely give’ in HIS service. Truly, she has made her life HIS business. 

Course Description

The 5 Steps to the Miraculous Realm System confidently moves you forward to a source of endless possibilities and enables you to obtain specific solutions to specific problems.

Use them to positively add something different, change, or rearrange your current situation.

Powered by her unique wisdom and life experiences, she guarantees that no one can stop you from reaching the end result.


A straight forward 5 step personal transformational process that begins by teaching you how to gain freedom through awareness. Awareness opens the door to new possibilities.


Strategize your position from God's perspective. He is all-powerful, all-knowing, and present everywhere. Empowered and positioned, create progressive changes in your life.


Experience the freedom and goodness of heaven now! Intentionally align your thoughts and words with the Spirit of God to connect and create with His thoughts and spoken words.

The 5 Step Miraculous Realm System

  Introduction: An Overview
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  The Decision
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Flow in God's faith & power...Experience the miraculous!


The 5 Step Miraculous Realm System

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The 5 Step Miraculous Realm System consists of:

12 weeks of study include:

1 live teaching session, and 1 group session each week

6 journaling study tools to track your progress

Hila's book, The Miraculous Realm of Heaven on Earth: Living Life After the Resurrection

Private access to The Miraculous Realm Facebook group

The Miraculous Realm Assessment

And...Hila's expertise from a lifetime of Bible study and living in the Miraculous Realm of the Lord Jesus Christ

You will learn how to identify what is holding you in place, gain awareness, and cut the strings of adversity. Your first step of freedom will introduce you to unlimited possibilities.

Choosing according to God's infallible plan will take you on an adventurous journey using spiritual skills, and strategic positioning into the Kingdom of God Lifestyle.

Learning to maintain and apply The Kingdom Lifestyle is the next step in your life's journey.